Corporate Wellness

Compassionately addressing the health of employees

Employees who are content are the foundation of the best enterprises. Discover how Therapiva may suport your company’s human resource goals while enhancing your employees’ overall well-being and enthusiasm, providing your company with a competitive advantage.


An organizational happiness program based on a union of science and eastern spirituality. Aim atdecreasing medical costs at work, increase work effectiveness and improves employee satisfaction and psychological well-being.


Exceptionally crafted unique holistic wellness program can help employees balance mind and body through a mix of meditation and body movements. Balanced employees are essential for desirable performance. Balance helps employees transform to the best of their capabilities and enjoy life to the fullest.

Corporate Wellness
Aim of our Corporate Wellness Program
  • Improved overall mental, emotional and physical strength
  • Better self-esteem and confidence at work
  • Better relationships with colleagues
  • Positive outlook towards work and life in general
  • Better manage stress, anxiety, anger and overthinking for increased productivity
  • Mental clarity and balance for better decision making and creativity
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better self-expression and communication
  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Enhanced feeling of peace and happiness in life
  • Increased resilience and contentment
Our Corporate Wellness Program
We have the below 3 types of offering-
  • Recurring wellness sessions – Regular sessions at an agreed frequency i.e daily, weekly or monthly of either 30 mins or 60 mins.
  • On-demand wellness sessions – Ad hoc sessions of either 30 mins or 60 mins as and when required.
  • Wellness retreat – It’s a 1 to 3 day curated offsite program with an aim to recharge and revitalize employees.

Our team at Therapiva is excited to offer our corporate wellness retreat in India.We offer various services to help with physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness so that you can come back feeling refreshed. By the end of the retreat, employees will feel refreshed and better ready to take on the work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


Our retreat is perfect for showing your team that you care about their well-being. We curate these retreats as per the company requirements. Contact us today to book your group!

Methodology – Healing tools that we use

Integrating every area of your well-being is a crucial element of our methodology. With the help of Therapiva, one may get a comprehensive approach to wellness.

1. Meditative therapies- Learn Mindful Techniques by Keeping Yourself Aware.

Self-love for confidence and self-esteem, Chakra balancing, Inner Child for self-love and healing, Ho’oponopono for forgiveness and improving relationships, Heart meditation for experiencing self-love and happiness, Meditations for priming the brain and removing hurdles, Yoga Nidra for restful sleep and stress and anxiety release, Humming meditation for better communication and self-expression, Gibberish to let out and improve communication, Twin heart meditation for healing and abundance, Grounding for balance, Black Balloon meditation for release, Visualization for manifestation, Affirmations and breath work.

2. NLP Techniques Transform Your Life

It will involve visualization, meditation and some mix of physical and mental processes. NLP aims at programming the minds to think in specific way so that we can change our behavior and get the desired results.

3.   Body MovementsImprove your Emotional and Physical state

Various techniques to work with the body as unhappy feelings are processed in the mind but stored in the body. Body movement is key to wellness and healing.

  • Yoga and Pranayama- Chair yoga, Eye yoga and Yoga for relaxation
  • Mudra : Finger movements for physical and emotional benefits that can even be practiced during meetings.
  • EFT Tapping : Imbalance inemotional and physicalenergy is cured via EFT Tapping.EFT tapping is based on the premise that our emotions are stored in our body’s energy meridians. By tapping on specific points in the body, we can release negative emotions and replace them with positive ones.
  • Journal writing : Journaling is a process of self-reflection and discovery that can be therapeutic and beneficial to overall well-being. The act of writing down thoughts and feelings can help you to better understand yourself, release emotions and work through all types of life situations.

4.   HypnosisUnlocking the power of mind and Goal setting

This session will concentrate on a single objective or goal that you wish to attain which may be personal or professional. After the objective or goal framing process the participants will go through a guided meditation to access their subconscious mind to implant the goal or objective for manifestation.


Employers who invest in corporate wellness programs can see several benefits, including reduced healthcare costs, improved employee productivity, and reduced absenteeism. And employees who participate in corporate wellness can enjoy improved health, increased energy levels and a sense of well-being.

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