Self-Love Process

Self-love is a process of forgiving yourself for your mistakes, letting go of negative self-talk, and learning to treat yourself with compassion and kindness. When you love yourself, you open the door to limitless possibilities. You attract positive relationships, career success, and inner peace. You can give and receive love freely. Most importantly, you permit yourself to be your authentic self. Healing is not a linear process – there will be setbacks and detours along the way. But if you are patient and gentle with yourself, healing is possible. And when you reach the other side, you will find that self-love was worth the journey. When you love yourself, you open up the possibility for others to love you, too!

Self-love can be imbibed through various methods, such as therapeutic massages, mirror work, affirmations, inner child healing, meditative processes or working with a therapist.

Benefits of Self-Love
  • Boost motivation and confidence
  • Heal relationships and attract loving relationships
  • Develop healthy self-esteem
  • Nourish personal growth
  • Release anger
  • Overcome fear and anxiety
“The secret of attraction is to love yourself.”-Deepak Chopra
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