Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation is useful wherever decisions are necessary, i.e. where there is a requirement for movement/action.

Family and Systemic constellation was pioneered by German psychotherapist “Bert Hellinger”. Family Constellation is an image-producing procedure in which people are placed in the space representing members of a family or a company or any other system in order to understand the dynamics from these related persons. The constellation serves the person to uncover the background of failure, illness, disorientation, addictions, aggression, longing for death and much more.

In our therapeutic workshops we offer participants to be part of a group experience. You might either do your own constellation, be chosen as a representative in someone else’s constellation or be an observer.

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In whatever way you participate, you will have access to a field of truth and awareness that will resonate with your own story and help you generate the needed energy to go for the movement you want in your life.However, this therapy can be done in a group setting or with just one individual with puppets as representatives.

Levels In Family Constellation Therapy

There can be many levels in family constellation therapy.

  • There is the individual level where a person works on their issues within their family system.
  • Then, there is the systemic level which looks at how the family functions as a unit, and
  • Finally, the group level which looks at groups of people who share a common experience or problem for e.g. a company, housing society, club etc.

Who shall do Family Constellation Therapy

  • Families : in all kinds of conflict and relationship issues including property issues
  • Couples : For healthy relationship and conscious parenting
  • Individuals/ Children: illness, behaviour issues, addictions or bullying
  • Professionals : in case of conflicts or issues as employee, employer or independent professional , decision-making and leadership.
Base of Family Constellation is love and that it is never too late for a happy life. Along with resources there are certain negative beliefs or patterns in families which gets passed down through generations. This prevents changes in behaviour and can be a hurdle to move forward.Hidden negative beliefs which are no longer serving come to light, can be questioned, released and overwritten. It is a personal choice whether a person is ready to do so.

By releasing the old unconscious bonds, our focus is directed towards true love, care, mindfulness and respect and dreams become reality.

The constellation aims to restore order in a system whether family or organization, to put everyone in their rightful place and to be aware of unconscious modes of functioning that leads to conflicts and undesirable situations such as- Health issues, dissatisfaction in intimate relationship, depression and anxiety and professional issues.

Benefits of Family Constellation Therapy

  • Creating new possibilities by transforming blockages and self-sabotage
  • Improves relationship with family members, colleagues etc
  • Healing old wounds
  • Releasing shame, blame, and guilt
  • Working through grief and loss
  • Helps divorce and separation

“ The greater soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been separate” Bert Hellinger.

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