Inner Child Integration and Healing

Inner Child Integration and Healing- To Realize, Recover, Heal and Experience!

What will you learn

  • Understand the Inner Child & the inner angst
  • Break free from emotional blocks
  • Find the root cause of issues
  • Heal and integrate your Inner Child.
  • Understand authority & your Inner Child
  • Have the tools to help heal adverse childhood events
  • Nurturing your Inner Child — becoming the nurturing parent
  • The inner critical parent- replacing self-criticism with self-nurturing
  • Healing relationships- seeing through the needy inner child to light essence
  • Experiential group interactive processes
  • Non-dominant handwork

Who can attend this workshop

  • Individuals who seek to discover themselves and bring about breakthroughs, and complete transformation, thereby manifesting their highest potential.
  • Anyone who has been a child before – i.e. everyone.
  • Anyone who feels they have lost connection to themselves, dislike being alone or fear loneliness. Working with Inner Child will unlock those fears for a fulfilled, meaningful, joyful and blissful existence.
Duration: One Day