NLP for Everyone

NLP for Everyone-A Technique to Transform

What will you learn

  • Learn modelling techniques so that you can learn the expert skills of others and replicate them.
  • Swish technique for making lasting changes in habits and behaviour
  • Creating an empowering belief
  • Techniques to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Learn future pacing for goal setting and manifestation
  • Learn cord-cutting and energy exchange for disassociating with past unhappy events, situations and people.
  • Anchoring technique for positive state induction for creating a better future
  • Fast phobia cure technique
  • Releasing fear and anxiety
  • Learn Circle of excellence
  • Experiential group processes

Who should attend this workshop

People who seek to discover themselves and bring about breakthroughs, and complete transformation, thereby manifesting their highest potential.

Duration: One Day