Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression- Time to delve in the past to discover the real you

What will you learn

  • Experience past life regression session.
  • Bring unique gifts from past life back to this lifetime.
  • Release blockages that are stopping to move ahead in life.
  • Heal adverse events from past lives.
  • A journey back through time to uncover lessons from previous lives.
  • To receive the wisdom you can apply to your current lifetime and the situation.
  • To understand your karmic and life patterns and release/change them.
  • How to clear and protect your energy.
  • Process of cord-cutting and energy exchange with people and things in a past life which is no longer serving.
Past Life Regression

Who can do the workshop

  • Individuals are interested in experiencing past life regression.
  • Individuals experiencing relationship issues
Duration: One Day